What is a "Liturgy of Fire"?

Its a bonfire, with a little extra. In addition to the normal stuff we associate with bonfires (fire, amazing people, hot dogs and s’mores) there will also be a Liturgy aimed at letting go of the baggage we all carry (Read more here).
We expect it to be a wide mix of ages who are engaging at a variety of levels. We are provided Hot dogs, S’mores, water - bring whatever else you want to eat, drink, or share. 

5:30 - Greet +Eat
6:30 - The Liturgy
7:30 - Hang out and toast s’mores, etc. 


The fire will be at Claude & Amy’s house - S59 W22773 Glengarry Rd.Waukesha
*Park along the road or in the driveway if there is room. 
 The entrance will be marked with glow sticks. 


  1. In the days leading up to the fire, keep track of the thoughts and regrets and people that occupy too much mental space. 
  2. Spend a few minutes everyday reflecting on the thoughts and people and regrets that keep surfacing in your mind. Name them and write them out. 
  3. Pray and evaluate the list and try to determine why they “haunt” you.
  4. Take action. If you need to write them a letter, or call them, or message them, do so. Or if you need to write a letter just for you and never give it to them - do that. If needed get some trusted friends to talk and pray through your list with you. 
  5. Once you have sorted it out, put a token for all the haunting thought, experience, emotions, people in a bundle or in a shoe box or an envelop. 
  6. On October 23rd - Throw them in the fire and “Burn” them. Notes, images, unfollow people if necessary, etc. Repeat regularly as necessary.
  7. Wake up October 24th and remind yourself that you are choosing to dis-invite these “ghosts" from your mental space. Reflect on the people and community and events that bring you joy and laughter and vitality. Live the life you want to live.

Bonus: Several of us really enjoyed Robs’s recent “forgiveness flow” series on his weekly podcast (robbell.com/portfolio/robcast/)


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