Room for Love (Collective Advent/ Christmas Series)

Advent is the season of the year leading up to Christmas. It reminds us both of Jesus birth 2000 years ago and of the daily presence of the divine in everyone and everything. Advent confronts us and the whole world with the question: 

Do we have room for love? 

2000 years ago a young, poor, pregnant couple from the Middle East (very close to modern day Syria) was forced to travel from their homes so their names could be added to a national registry required by the political powers of their day. The woman, Mary, was very pregnant and had to attempted the dangerous journey late in her pregnancy. 

When they arrived in the little town nobody would take them in. There was no room anywhere and they ended up sleeping with the animals in a stable. 

Yes, the town was crowded, but how could there actually be no room for a pregnant woman about to bring a precious life into the world?

How was it possible that their was no room for these unique and valuable humans in this beautiful family. 

Perhaps all the rooms truly were full. Perhaps there truly was no room anywhere in the entire town for an unwed mother who was about to give birth.

Or perhaps this wasn’t about space.

Maybe it was people's hearts that had no room for other people's pain and other people’s problems. 

Perhaps it was love that there was no room for.  

Today, the question of Christmas has never been more relevant. In a crazy and crowded world full of need will we make room in our hearts for each other. Will we learn from the story of Jesus birth and open up our hearts in love towards the humans around us and around the world who need a little room. 

Hope you can join us as we explore Advent and Christmas this year.