Collective Townhall Forum: Where should we go next? (January 3rd @ 4pm)

We agreed at our last town hall forum that we would evaluate our future direction following our advent series and come up with a direction for where we want to go next as a community. It is important that we do this sooner rather than later, so we are having our next town-hall meeting this Sunday at 4pm at St. Matthias. Right now the plan is to have a separate activity for kids with a few hired or volunteer babysitters so that more Collective adults can participate in the discussion.

This meeting is for people who want to get the latest updates on the Launching of CollectiveMKE and then roll up their sleeves to discern and work toward what is next. 

Bonus - there will be Pizza.


The meeting is open to anyone who is both:

1. Interested in what we have accomplished so far and what we are learning.

2. Desires to get 'hands on' with building the future of Collective together. 

Preparation Questions: 

Please respond with your thoughts about the following: