Some Quick Updates

1. The INFO / QA Gathering on Feb. 8th went really well. Over 40 people came to hear about what we are doing and many expressed interest in continued involvement - if you missed it, you can download the handout HERE or read our ‘manifesto HERE: 

2. Launch Team - Since early February, we have been meeting as a launch team. Don’t worry, there is still room for you - we add new friends almost every week. Right now we have brunch on Sundays, talk about life and church and continue to grow into a community. We are learning a lot about life, God, and ministry from each other - it's hands down the highlight of my week. 

3. Startup funding -  Our last update dealt with how we are attempting to fund our church through the startup phase. We expect it to take as long as a year before the church becomes self-supporting. Already, through God and your generosity, we are close to 40% of our support goals 2015. There still is a gap but we are really grateful for the generosity and care from people who are supporting us and our new church. If you are able to help out, even a little bit, please download our support letter HERE (*We hope to have online giving ready by the worship gathering on March 29th)

4. Brandon & Emily: It's been a crazy ride so far - full of breathtaking ministry heights (I wish i could share all the amazing stories that are already part of this baby church) and stunning moments when you are reminded how much car repairs can cost. But we believe God has us on this journey and are encouraged by his presence in our lives.
Brandon is shooting a lot of pictures and working hard at growing his photography endeavor. Emily got accepted to MSOE's accelerated nursing program and starts in the fall. Our kids are doing well - By God’s grace, the seem to be protected from most of the stress of this chapter of our lives and are brimming with excitement for church gatherings where they get to meet and play with new friends each week. 

We hope we see you soon! 

May the Love of God, revealed in the face of Christ, 
     shine powerfully on every aspect of your life
      and give your renewed hope and joy!

- we would love to hear from you!