We Need Your Help.

We (Emily + Brandon) have a God-inspired dream to launch a new church in the greater Milwaukee area in 2015 and we need your help. We have written at length about how we came to feel called to pursue this endeavor (Read: The Journey so Far...) - but the short story is that while our current churches are wonderful for many people, there are many others who have either never been interested in church or who have given up or been deeply wounded by church. We feel called to embody the hope and love of Christ in ways this population can see, feel, and understand.

While we expect the church to support itself one day, we anticipate a gap of 6-12 months between when the Browns “run out of money” and when the church becomes a living, breathing, self-supporting entity. We must raise the support both for our family to live and have health care, as well as for the start-up money and budget of the church. As we think about what we are compelled to do, it feels crazy… but it also feels right. 

So, with a house full of kids and hearts full of hope, we are leaping.

- Would you consider leaping with us?
- Would you please consider supporting us? 

We need help in 3 specific ways:

1. Prayer - We need people willing to pray for the countless daily miracles required to bring together a new community that loves ‘one another’, is unified, and that lives into the greatest needs around them. Sign up HERE.

2. Launch Team - We need friends to join the small community that is working side by side with us to bring a new 'church' to life. If you’re local to greater MKE or have always wanted to live in a fantastic city - we could really use your help - Call, email, or text (or stalk me on social media) and let’s talk. 

3. Finance + Resource - We need friends willing to finance/resource our life and ministry until the new church can bear its own weight. This is a critical need because of the small window of time we have to raise the necessary resources. We are looking to raise support for up to 1 year.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this request. We appreciate you already and realize how limited money is for most of us and that it can only be spent, given, or invested once. We believe passionately in the hopes we are pursuing and we pray that many others also feel compelled to help get these dreams off the ground. It would help us tremendously to know your intent by March 1st. 

How to join our support team:

If you desire to come along side our hopes financially, send a check to our “office” (currently in our house) made out to CollectiveMKE. You can print the image below as a giving card to send back or just write ‘Brown Support’ on the memo line of your check.  *Monthly support helps us a ton because it gives us a better idea of how to plan as a family - but individual gifts are incredible and needed as well. 

Make checks out to:
CollectiveMKE - (CollectiveMKE  - P.O. Box 26032, Milwaukee WI 53226)

All money will go the new church, ‘CollectiveMKE.’ It will be used to pay our salary and benefits, as well as the start-up costs associated with a new church (things like rental fees, administrative costs, insurance, technology, etc). If any extra money should come in, it will go to the ongoing mission of the church or local community needs.


Thanks for your concern and care for us, and for taking the time to read our updates and pray for us. It means more than you could ever imagine.

Grace + Peace!

Brandon & Emily Brown


- we would love to hear from you!