What WE are up to and how YOU can help!

We are early in the process of forming a new church in the greater MKE area.

You most likely already know that from reading the update about our 'Terrifying + Exhilarating Dreams’. There is no way we can do this alone. - We need your help.

Right now we are pulling together people to dream with us about what God is doing in our city and new ways that a community of Jesus-shaped people could participate in God’s healing of the world until it is ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’.

Today, I want to give a brief overview of what the PROCESS looks like, what we are doing NOW, and a few ways you can HELP us if this idea makes your heart race a little, too. 


Most Christians have never formed a new church before, so you may wonder how it’s done. There are actually many schools of thought about this. Our approach is really simple: We are going to eat and talk with a lot of our friends (and hopefully meet some new ones, as well).

As we eat with many amazing people we hope to learn from their insights + stories. As we listen, we are also looking for help with three big needs. Think of these needs as 3 buckets we hope to fill: core, support & prayer.

 - Core: The community of people who want to be part of this new church and join us in bringing it to life. We would love to partner with anyone in greater MKE who feels a twinge, a hunch, or a full on calling to join in on this crazy adventure.

Support: A resource community committed to helping us build a foundation of money + stuff until the new church grows able to carry its own weight. In order to set off on the right foot, we feel we need starter funding for the first year. 

 - Prayer: A community willing to commit time each week, together or wherever they happen to live, to asking God breathe life into this new community + form it in his image. We need God’s help unlocking doors we don’t even know about yet.

 *Early in 2015 those in the Core community will begin to meet regularly, with the hope of a public church launch at some point later in 2015.

What we are doing NOW:

These kinds of dreams are better when shared over a good mean and a bottle of wine (or age-appropriate beverage :). Over the next few months, we are hosting a ‘Dinner with the Browns’ almost every Thursday.

Coming to a meal doesn’t commit you to anything, it’s just an opportunity to share about life and meet some new friends. Over dinner we will talk about life and faith and discuss what the word ‘church’ means to each of us. We are very interested in your thoughts about what God is up to in the greater Milwaukee area. 

Choose a night that works for you and sign up! (only your name + an email are needed)

When you RSVP, just let us know what you are bringing and how many friends are coming with you.

RSVP for ‘Dinner with the Browns’ here:

 *Friends of all ages are welcome!

*If none of the dates listed for you, let us know so we can plan another time.

How you can HELP:

A great many of you have reached out to us offering your prayers, encouragement, and support. I cannot tell you how encouraging each of these interactions through email, phone, txt, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and at brandonjbrown.com have been. We are surrounded by a great cloud of support and friends - which is part of what has given us the faith that these dreams could really happen.

As was mentioned already we need the most help in filling our 3 ‘buckets’:

 1. PRAYER - Commit to pray: Set aside some time each week to pray for us, our growing team, and the greater MKE area. Click here to get monthly prayer updates

2. SUPPORT - Commit to share: If you want to contribute to the resources required, please let us know.

3. CORE - Become part of our core community - Just email, txt, or call Brandon.  

Additionally, there are two other ways you can help get us off to a good start: 

  - Spread the word. Consider telling a few friends about what we are up to, passing on one of our updates, or even posting a link on your social media outlet of choice. (If you tag us in what you post, then we can be part of the conversation right away).

 - Eat with us: Come to a dinner and be part of the conversation.


You may be thinking: Why does MKE need another church? I am glad you asked. I will be writing about that soon and it’s something I am very excited to share with you!