The response to all forms of hate is love.

Love cannot “wage war” against hate, it must travel through it and transcend beyond it.

The response to hate cannot be to hate the haters. 

The response to fear cannot be to fear the fear-mongers. 

The response to accusation and blame cannot be even more accusation and blame.

The response to shaming, must be more than shaming the shamers. 

The response to violence cannot be violence against the violent. 

The response of Love is not fast, it’s not a reaction, its not a rant, 
           its not a crusade, its not any sort of direct conflict.

The response to all forms of hate is love.

LOVE: believes, trusts, feels, sacrifices, absorbs, expands, grieves, moves toward, befriends, serves, searches for dignity, assumes the best, never gives up, imagines more, and invites people co-authors better stories.


"When God has become our personal and group lackey, we can hate, oppress, torture, and kill others with total impunity. The religious False Self can even justify racism, slavery, war, and total denial or deception and feel no guilt whatsoever, because “they think they are doing a holy duty for God”   - Richard Rohr - Immortal Diamond.