On Disagreements + Decisions.

A number a weeks ago we share that we were going to be helping Transformation City Church as they worked through a number of transitions as a Congregation. Additionally, through a wonderful, honest, and gracious process, as a community, we decided that we will gather with T.C.C on occasion for shared worship Gatherings (the first of these joint gatherings will be on August 6th at 10am at T.C.C.) The CMKE Worship Planning team and the board will work on scheduling other Sundays in the future.

I want to add a personal note. I am grateful for the way the Collective community approached this decision. It can be hard to arrive at an agreed course of action that everyone can be excited about. I saw people working together to find a great solution for our community, even if that solution wasn't their first choice. As an individual who is part of Collective, this was true for me too. If it were entirely up to me, I would likely have come up with a different solution, BUT, I am thankful that we chose this option together.

There have been key decisions in our marriage where Emily and I started in different places. Often, I would get attached to something, such as a car I wanted, and Emily would point out why this object would fail to be practical for our needs. There are a few memorable times where Emily let me talk her into going with my choice and ignoring her concerns - and every time we have later come to regret these decisions. (No, it's not a good idea to buy 2 cars on the same day. No, the cool interior and versatility are not enough to compensate for there only being 4 seats. Etc. Etc.)
My point here is that Emily and I really do make better decisions together, and I trust that this is also true with Collective. Even if I could talk you into seeing things my way, I deeply trust that OUR way is better. Now that we have made this decision, I am excited about moving into it together, and I hope you are as well! We carry this weight and the joy of it together!