Keys On A Chain

One of the four principles CollectiveMKE is founded on is the idea of Keychains. The thought behind it being that each of us has skills, abilities and connections and these can be used to open doors and opportunities for others. These opened doors then serve to create a greater sense of connection and community. It can take the form of service, support or just giving someone a leg up on something they are struggling with. 


And it seems like every time I turn around, I see an example of it at work. Sometimes it is so subtle that I forget that it wouldn't have happened if CollectiveMKE hadn't happened, but that is the beautiful part about it. Because of our House Church format, we are knit into each other's lives like a quilt. In helping one another out, we are building a better church, which builds a better community, a better Milwaukee and a better world. 

I saw it happen when Patty and Brad needed some tree work done and Ben was able to help them out. At the time, he needed the work, and Patty and Brad needed the job done. It was a win-win and one that wouldn't have happened without CollectiveMKE.

I saw it in Brad reaching out as a teacher to help the son of another CollectiveMKE person who was having some issues at school. As a teacher, he was in a position where he could impact a kid's life just by being present. Again, no CollectiveMKE, no connection and an opportunity is lost. 

I see it when people give freely of their own time and income every month to help feed the folks at CTGA (Coming Together to Get Ahead). I can almost guarantee you that I wouldn't have heard of this organization if not for Erin from CollectiveMKE.

I see it on a regular basis with Claude helping people out through helping with a repair project, the loaning of a tool or the organizing of a work group to get a job done. Claude is the keeper of many key chains and we are blessed to have him in CollectiveMKE.

I saw it just this week for myself. Jan and Claude were both trying to get rid of extra landscaping material - both items I was looking to acquire. Mutual needs met via the key chain of connection. 

And perhaps most recently, one of the bigger key chains is still to happen. Last week we determined our commitment to our brothers and sisters at Transformation City Church. We've committed to worshiping with them between 4-6 times in the next year. It is our hope and belief that, through our interaction with TCC we will create even more relationships that grow, multiply and flourish.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways our skills and love are used as keys to open doors and change lives - one step at a time. 

That through the introduction of another huge set of keys and gifts, we might better reach and show the Milwaukee Metro Area, the loving kindness of Christ.

  • That we might help and be helped.
  • We might love and be loved.
  • Share and be shared with.

Because those are keychains that can open a LOT of doors. And that excites me. I hope it excites you too.