Sunday Schooled

We had a nice gathering yesterday at the Klemowits' house. It was a joint house church gathering of the Klemowits and Barrett house churches. One of the nice things about the Collective MKE house church based community is that we are incredibly flexible. If a host family is out of town or has something going on, we move locations with relative ease. A little more coffee, a few more dishes at the potluck, but most importantly, we're still together.

During the post liturgy potluck, I had one of the children come up to me and ask me if he could see my Pokemons. Now, I don't really play Pokemon Go, but I have it on my phone so once in a while the church kids can play with it during down time or on our hikes. I gave L my phone and told him he could play with it as long as he sat at the table. (In an attempt to keep him from being seen by the other kids and creating kidlock at the phone. 

Anyways, it got me to thinking how blessed we are as a church to have the abundance of children that are part of our community. My own kids are grown as are many of the kids that are part of the Barrett house church. These college and high school age young adults don't always participate in the Sunday morning gatherings, but when they do, I am always surprised at their insights, opinions and perspectives. It makes me realize how much we NEED to listen to these young people. They are our future and they are keen on keeping us on track with what adolescents and twenty somethings deal with on a daily basis. We are fortunate that all of them are fairly strong believers - a testament to our influence, encouragement and upbringing - but we also need to pray without ceasing that they continue to "learn to live and love like Jesus" as a pastor I once knew puts it so eloquently.

But not only are these young adults so important, I feel the little ones play a role of their own. I have always loved talking to and interacting with little kids and think as adults we can learn from them. I cherish their innocence and beauty. A few weeks back we had a new family come to the Barrett house and without provocation, the youngest daughter moved around the room and sat with probably 3 or 4 of us during the liturgy. It was almost as if she knew this was a safe place, a loving community. It reminded me of the level of trust we need to impart on strangers if we ourselves want to learn live and love like Jesus. We need to sit with people, eat with them, hear them out and love them if we are to change the world. There are no others in Jesus' community. Just US.

And so to all of you with kids that you bring to Collective MKE, know that despite your thought that it is only benefiting them, know it is impacting the adults too. 

And, if anyone sees my phone around Claude and Amy's house, let me know. (Just kidding!)