Thank You

A note from Brandon:

This week was the one-year anniversary of this new chapter of Emily and my life. Its has been the craziest year ever as we have felt waves of both grief and excitement hit us daily.

But YOU! So, so many of you, you amazing people have cared for us. God has worked through you to provided so many daily surprises and miracles that have kept us walking on top of the raging waters of life. Today it feels like there are so many good things almost within reach. Thank you.

Thanks to all for all the amazing things you have done, like: 
- remembered us and reached out to us. 
- given us things we needed (gift cards, a computer, financial support, meals, toys, coffee & food)
- shared your amazing knowledge of photography + contacts with me to help me get started
- let me stay at your house for a week so I didn't have to get a hotel, 
- prayed for us and cheered us on.
- listened, grieved, and processed with us
- invited us to dinner
- invited us into your cabin getaway weekend
- fought for us & spoke truth about us
- encouraged us through calls, messages, cards, and more
- loved our kids in tangible ways
- followed our journey + read our updates
- cared for the former students and ministries we still love so much.
- came to our house for a dinner 
- lent us your car for a month
- been honest with us about your concerns about our direction or wellbeing,
- covered our families dental work
- share your own painful church stories with us. 
- told us about your hopes and dreams, or your lack of them. 
- and so, so much more.

Thank you. Our family could not have survived this year without your amazing, persistent, and tangible love.

Grace + Peace!
Brandon + Emily Brown

P.S. There is still room in our launch community. This group is a growing team of fantastic people who currently meet on Sunday mornings. We have brunch, share lots of laughter, love deeply and have deep discussions, while our crazy kids run around everywhere.  
There is definitely room for you. 


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