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Alternate Location: Collective House Church

  • The Seaverson's House 2040 Emery St East Troy WI 53120 (map)

Alternate location this week: The Seaverson's House - 2040 Emery St, East Troy WI 53120
(They drive our way often, so this week were taking a little road trip to East Troy)

Church is about being in community and thats really what our weekly house meetings are about. At House Church, sometimes we sing. Usually we pray and immerse ourselves in the Biblical story together. We always share about our life and eat brunch together. While we talk, and laugh, and grow together, our lives are becoming interconnected and beautiful. 

It's open to anyone who wants to come. We currently meet at Claude & Amy's house. Bring something to share if you are able. 

More info HERE

Typical morning:
9:00 people show up, drink coffee and talk.
9:30ish we start our liturgy.
10:30ish we eat brunch + hang out more.

*Lots of us have younger kids. We do an alternate activity or story for kids every week, and some kids choose to stay with the adults and participate in our activity. It's up to each family to decide whats best.