How do you observe communion?

Each week, after the discussion, we pass a cup or wine and some bread around the room. When the bread is handed to you the person will say “The body of Christ broken for you.” You are invited to tear off a small piece of bread and then pass it to the next person.  When the cup is handed to you are invited you to dip the bread in the wine. The person handing it to you will say, “The life of Christ poured out for you.” After dipping the bread in the wine, you are free to eat it. Participation is up to you.

The earliest Christians celebrated the Eucharist/communion/Lord’s supper around a table while eating a meal. During the meal, they remembered all that Jesus had taught them and done for them. We celebrate this sacred meal because it reminds us that all of life is sacred - that Christ is present everywhere and in everyone. It’s not just for perfect people, it’s not just for people who have it all figured out, it’s not just for people who have all their doubts settled, it’s for everyone. It’s the place where we remember together that the universe is propelled and restored by love. If you feel so compelled, you are welcome to come.