Brandon's Famous French Toast

This delicious, crisp and crunch french toast is completely impractical and unhealthy.

There is really no reason to go through the effort and take the calorie hit... until you here their airy crunch like a French pastry and experience them melt in your mouth like golden caramel. After you experience them, you will understand their place in the food pyramid. 


1. Bread You Love - (Texas Toast works best)
2. Fresh Eggs 
3. Real Vanilla. You can’t add too much. (Not imitation under any circumstances!)
4. Cinnamon. Be generous
5. Brown Sugar - to sprinkle on top
6. Whipped Butter
       *Specific measurements of ingredients must be learned by experience.



1. In a shallow pan combine the eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon. Soak the bread in the mixture.

2. Pour about 3/4 inch of oil into a deep frying pan. Heat until the temperature is such that the egg immediately starts to sizzle when it makes contact. (Too hot, burns, not hot enough, to much of the oil is absorbed)

3. When the first side is golden, flip it over so that the uncooked side will cook as well. Sprinkle the brown sugar on the side that is now face up.

4. When the brown sugar caramelizes, remove the French Toast from the pan, and serve with a scoop of whipped butter.

5. Eat immediately while still very hot. (Listen with intense satisfaction to the soft crisp sound of your fork traveling through your first bite.)