How do you handle issues when Christians disagree?

As a church, we do not *a* position on many matters of Christian disagreement. Rather our position is that we are centered around the table of Christ, in hospitality and love. Where we disagree, we sit across the table from each other and seek to love each other and see each other's humanity. 

We have found the differences between acceptance and respect to be helpful as we try to keep unity of Love, even with disagreement. To this end, we accept each others Humanity and we respect each others Decisions.  

Christian hospitality insists that we love each other well even when we are not in agreement on significant issues (such as how we see the world or God, or the obvious political and social difference we have). We have learned to RESPECT the decisions people make. These are choices that individuals will make about affiliation and beliefs. On the other hand, we must ACCEPT people. A person may choose to be against certain social issues and we can respect that belief, even if we don't agree. On the other hand, people do not choose their skin color or sexual orientation - so in those instances the call of love and community is to acceptance

You're welcome at our table. For as long as you want to be there. And we respect that you may one day choose or need to sit at a different table. We accept everyone who wants to sit at the table. We choose to see your humanity regardless of label. This is a defiant act of faith for human living in a dehumanizing world that want to reduce everyone to labels.