Guiding Metaphors  

It's time for a better story. The kind of story that has a place for everyone, where every voice is heard, and where we discover new ways to live in deep connection and peace with each other. 

To become real, this new story must be embodied by a community, or perhaps better, a collective.

Definition: Collective
1. adjective: done by people acting as a group
- belonging or relating to all the members of a group.
2. noun: a cooperative enterprise.

Four metaphors have helped us understand what it means to be a Collective: 
A potluck, a table,  a keychain, a journey


The Potluck is a metaphor for gifts + generosity. 

With the innovation of mass production, our society has becoming increasing drawn to fast and efficient solutions. This mechanization and assembly line thinking has invaded all aspects of out lives. Even our faith. But we we push back on drive-thru consumption and growth, we can find we have more to contribute that merely consumption. Like a potluck, we each bring something to the table. We each have gifts and insight to share.



The Table is a metaphor for hospitality.

The shared meals that are part of most of our gatherings are an expression of the hospitality we seek to embody. We can disagree about faith, politics, social issues and more, but we can still eat together and see each other’s humanity and value.  We choose to make room to sit across from human mysteries and learn to see God in each other and even in the differences of stories and lives.
Rather than agreement, Jesus plan for unity was radical love and hospitality - being fully present to each other in love. We can experience this unity and oneness in Christ and around the table even if we disagree on politics, theology, and many other things.



The Keychain is a different way to think about influence. 

We have the keys to unlocking a more generous and flourishing world. The keys to this better world are already in our pockets, but the keys are not evenly distributed and we are bad at sharing. Together, we can unlock the world of out imagination, when we generously share our keys. In other words - we have what we need to unlock a different and better future. If every Christian in the greater MKE area were to share their keys and work together - imagine the new world we could unlock. Doors like poverty and segregation and injustice could be opened, and we could together enter a new connected world - if only we could find the imagination to work together. 



A Journey is a metaphor for life, always changing + evolving

Like friends on a epic road trip, we are traveling companions who are navigating the uncertainty + hardship + joy of this life together. We do not have all the answers - often we even lack a clear destination and map - but we have each other. Rather than permanence and certainty, we have a shared commitment to showing up for each other and exploring the unknown together.


Together, these four metaphors help us to embody our hope of a more connected and loving faith community. 

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