We believe in balancing strong opinions with strong ale.

 All of our Jesus + Beer (or Jesus + Wine) gatherings feature genuine people, honest conversations, and strong ale (or wine)

Your curiosity about life, faith, truth, or God are welcome. We may not have an answer, but we would love to listen and explore together. People

Each event is built around a topic, but groups often veer off track according to their interests. 


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Recurring + Occasional Events:


Waukesha Event

8pm at Bernie's Tap Room on the 2nd Tuesday each month

Bernie's has a killer beer selection and and old world vibe. Also - they have wonderful food options to snack on.


Madison Events

7pm at Hopcat on Gorham st.
- Watch the calendar for dates.

This location follows the same format, but usually has a different conversation topic than the other locations. 


MKE Events

8pm at Dugout 54 on the 3rd Tuesday each month

Come try Dugout's delicious giant pretzels  + order a tasty beverage from their fabulous beer menu.


Eastside MKE

8pm- T.B.A
- Watch the calendar for dates.

We know the day and time, but have not concluded on the location quite yet. Stay tuned. 

Jesus and wine

Jesus + Wine

7pm Spring City Wine House
- Watch the calendar for dates.

Turns out Jesus + Wine are a good pairing. Sometimes we discuss a book, other times we take on a difficult topic -

spiritual disruption events

Disruption Events

Occasionally we host gatherings for people to share their stories of spiritual disruption. These are opportunities to share your story and to hear the stories of others - Watch the calendar for dates. 

Upcoming Events: