As individuals and as communities centered on Jesus we must live lives that demonstrate + declare the love + reality of the hope that we have in Jesus. When we do this together, our unity reveals God’s heart for the world. 

We must embody our hope

We like the word Collective because we think it helps us re-define what it means to be ‘human’ and what it means to be part of a ‘church.

Humanity re-defined: 
by our gifts + generosity, rather than what we consume.
by our presence + peace, rather than distraction and chronic anxiety
by our connection + hospitality, rather than isolation and division.
by our love + faith, rather than by our fears. 

Church re-defined: 

As a Collective of powerful + gifted people who together are capable of uniquely generous + powerful contributions to the life + flow of their lives,  neighbors, city, and world. This is what the four metaphors helped us strive toward together.


What can we do together? 

What are your dreams for your neighborhood?


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