It's time for a better story. The kind of story that has a place for everyone, where every voice is heard, and where we discover new ways to live in deep connection and peace with each other. Together really is better.

Definition: Collective
1. adjective: done by people acting as a group
- belonging or relating to all the members of a group.
2. noun: a cooperative enterprise.

As individuals and as communities centered on Jesus we must live lives that demonstrate + declare the love + reality of the hope that we have in Jesus. When we do this together, our unity reveals God’s heart for the world. 

We must embody our hope

In order to do this, we must define what it means to be 'human' and what it means to be part of the 'church'

Humanity re-defined : 

by our gifts + generosity, rather than what we consume.
by our presence + peace, rather than frenetic distraction.
by our connection + hospitality, rather than by isolation + separation.
by our love + faith, rather than by fear.

Church re-defined : 

As a potluck, rather than a drive thru.
As a table, rather than a fortress.
As a keychain, rather than a service provider.
As a journey, rather than a club.

Church must be more than just a Christian service + program provider. It can be a community of powerful + gifted people who together are capable of uniquely generous + powerful contributions to the life + flow of their neighbors, city, and world. We are braver when we can be brave with friends.

What could we do together? 

What are your dreams for your neighborhood?


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