CollectiveMKE is a community centered around Christian hospitality and being present to each other. We find inspiration from the surprising life, insight, acceptance and love of Jesus. 

Our primary expression is our weekly House Churches. These groups meet in homes where they explore faith, discuss the Bible, share food, and focus on the people present. Every new group provides more seats around the Collective “table” for more people to find connection and relationships. On the 1st Sunday of each month, all of our House churches come together for a shared Worship Gathering. This gives us an opportunity to be encouraged by each others' stories, sing together, and eat together, of course. 

In fact, the shared meals that are part of most of our gatherings are an expression of the hospitality that is central to our community. We may disagree about faith, politics, social issues and more, but we can still eat together and see each other’s humanity and value. Together, we can “spur each other on to love and good deeds” - even if we understand what the looks like in different ways.

We also host Jesus + Beer events twice a month in local bars. Jesus + Beer is about bringing people of strong faith, no faith, and some faith together to talk about Jesus + Beer. Each week centers around a topic, but groups are encouraged to veer off track as their interests dictate. We work hard to replace outrage with curiosity so we can have hard conversations that both honor where we are different and challenge each other to grow.

You can read more about Jesus + Beer HERE


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